My name is Rafał Muskała and I’m an award-winning film producer, journalist and a documentary filmmaker. For more than 10 years I lived in Chicago, where I pursued my passion – working within the mediums of film, photography and broadcasting. I co-produced two worldwide known and highly recognized documentary films about the history of American Polonia.

I also worked as a journalist in a top Polish-American radio station in Chicago for several years. I have recently returned to Poland and every day I try to pursue new artistic and creative goals. Most important of these goals was my desire to have my own filmmaking/advertising company – that is why I created Rafał Muskała FILM based in the city of Białystok, Poland.

Living in the wonderful region of Podlasie in the northeastern part of Poland gives me a unique opportunity to promote this locality and our local companies. I specialize in creating commercials and event videos; and I’m also passionate about photography that can be used for publicity and publications. Every client is a new experience of creativity for me and I welcome challenging opportunities to further your commercial or cultural interests.

In addition, I’m able to do a variety of high-quality photographic or video shots depending on individual demands or requests. I am a licensed drone operator in Poland. I use gimbals and slow-motion cameras.
Finally, based on my many years of experience in broadcasting, I am able to offer voice recordings for TV and radio commercials. I’m always willing to help people who are new to the Podlasie region and the city of Białystok.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions or requests of how I may serve your needs now or in the future. Visit also my IMDB profile

Contact information tel: +48-883-924-705  or email: kontakt@rafalmuskalafilm.pl